Process and Philosophy

Building a custom home can be daunting, demanding, and exhausting, but it should be inspiring, motivating, and gratifying.

We at Kistler & Knapp define our process and philosophy around two simple principles:


At KKB, we pride ourselves on having exceptional working relationships with dozens of the top residential architects in the Greater Boston region.  We’ve spent over 35 years cultivating relationships and building effective teams to produce the finest crafted home at a terrific value.  We look forward to working with you, our client, understanding your needs and desires, both financial and aesthetic.

Your sensitivites will drive the process. We are accountable to you and can best serve you when we take the time to understand your goals, roll up our sleeves, and sit on the same side of the table with you.


Let us show you what the marketplace has to offer.  We are your window into what many see as the maze of the construction and subcontractor world.  We will magnify and clarify to make sure your dollars go as far as they can.

Our completely transparent accounting system demystifies construction costs and breaks them down, so that you, the end user, know where every dollar goes.  No smoke and mirrors here.  Just straightforward job- cost accounting, that will give you the confidence that your hard earned dollars are being well spent.

Throughout the preconstruction and construction process (and long after in many cases), our team is ready to serve you in the best way possible.